Aging in Place: User-Friendly Home Modification Ideas

Aging homeowners are showing great interest in remaining in their familiar homes into their later years. To do that, safety precautions often need to be taken, which includes several home upgrades. Here are some home modification ideas that can support aging in place and serve the needs of homeowners with limitations in vision or mobility.

senior citizen at homeMaking Aging in Place Safe and Comfortable

  • Add more lighting to exterior areas and stairways. Put motion-sensing flood lights on outdoor paths and porches, as well as near doorways. Put extra night-lights along the stairwells or put in more overhead lights to provide better illumination on the stairs.
  • Upgrade light switches by installing rocker-style switches with larger, easier-to-use switches. Opt for light switches that are illuminated or designed to glow in the dark.
  • Put more lighting in areas of the home that get a lot of use, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Include more lights above kitchen sinks, stoves and countertops. Be especially careful to provide plenty of lighting on stove controls or other important devices.
  • Replace standard round doorknobs with lever-style door handles to make it easier to open doors.
  • Include a table or chair in your entry design. This will provide a place to put down packages, purses or other items while locking or unlocking the door.
  • Adjust cabinets and countertops for easier access. Lower cabinets and countertops to an easier-to-reach height. Install pull-out shelves in cabinets.
  • Modify entrances so there’s no threshold that could impede the progress of a wheelchair or mobility assistance device. Put similar no-threshold entrances in the bathroom and in the shower stall.

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