Add Work Zones to Kitchen Renovations to Maximize the Efficient Use of Space

Kitchens are perhaps the most active room in most homes, supporting cooking, cleaning, snacking and entertaining. The layout of your kitchen determines how easy the space is to use, how convenient the various features are to access, and how efficiently various kitchen tasks can be performed. The concept of work zones in kitchen renovations is revising some longstanding ideas about kitchen design and, at the same time, improving the efficiency and usefulness of kitchen areas.

kitchen renovationUse Work Zones to Make It Easier to Work

A large, expansive kitchen can be a luxurious part of your home, though its size may make it impractical to use the traditional “work triangle” that puts preparation, cooking and clean-up in an easy-to-navigate triangular space. Instead, use work zones to group areas according to use. For example, keep tools, utensils and ingredients close together in a food prep zone.

Ensure Enough Counter Space

Each work zone needs plenty of counter space necessary to complete the tasks performed there. Next to the stovetop, for example, there should be ample space for pots, pans, spices and other cooking-related tasks. Keep the tasks involved in each zone in mind as you’re determining counter space.

Create a Guest Zone

When mapping out the work zones in a kitchen renovation, include a guest zone where family and friends can gather in the kitchen to visit without getting in your way. An area set aside with bar stools or chairs can serve this function quite well.

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