Add Weatherization to Your Remodeling Plans for Increased Energy Savings

weatherization, Boston, MassachusettsWeatherization. The word doesn’t stir the creative imagination. Yet Sage Builders LLC, takes a green approach to remodeling that begins with the basics.

The fact is, no other single measure you can take will do more to increase home energy efficiency than using inexpensive caulking and weatherstripping to seal air leaks. Air exchange through cracks and gaps is an all-season drain on cooling and heating efficiency. Closing those leaks can immediately cut energy costs up to 20 percent. There’s no time like the present to reap the benefits from weatherization.

Adding Weatherization to Remodeling Plans

First, you need to know how much you’re leaking. A blower door test conducted by trained technicians depressurizes the home to induce air infiltration through all cracks and gaps. A computer and air pressure sensors calculate the volume of leakage. While the home’s under negative pressure, the technician can use smoke pens or an infrared camera to pinpoint the exact location of leaks.

Simple indoor caulking can be applied at the usual suspects — along the long joint between the baseboard and the floor, where walls and ceiling intersect and around the framing of doors and windows. Other caulking opportunities include penetration points where pipes and vents pass from living spaces into the attic, and openings in walls where plumbing and electrical conduits enter the house.

Weatherstripping is used to close the gaps between movable surfaces of doors and windows. Adhesive-backed weatherstripping tape can be applied to window sashes and door jambs to maintain the air seal when they’re shut. The large gap beneath doors can be closed with rubber or aluminum door sweeps.

Sage Builders LLC, applies sustainability and efficiency to every remodeling project. Ask us for more information about weatherization to make your Boston area home greener, your operating costs lower and your comfort level maximized.

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