Using Space Wisely Within Your Home’s Existing Footprint

Maintaining a comfortable indoor living area sometimes feels like it requires making do with limited space. While the physical realities of your home’s existing structure can’t be denied, Sage Builders LLC can suggest ways of using space wisely that let you acquire more room, improve comfort and enhance design without broadening the footprint of your home. An effective revision of your indoor spaces will be more sustainable and better for the local environment than adding on to your home.

    • Plan carefully: Carefully evaluate your home’s existing boundaries and floor plan. This will give you a very good idea of the limitations you’re working within and allow you to make informed decisions about what to do with your indoor space. A well-devised plan will also allow you to work within a realistic budget.
Image by Toronto Photographers Leslie Goodwin Photography via Houzz
  • Switch room functions: Consider shifting the usage of existing rooms. For example, if you want a larger kitchen, it may make sense to exchange the dining room or living room areas with the kitchen space. This type of “flipping” allows a more equal distribution of space between the two areas.
  • Expand upward: If your home’s structure allows it, add a second floor or additional rooms on top of what you already have. This can easily double your available space without expanding your home’s footprint.
  • Add proper storage and shelving: A well-designed storage and shelving system can increase available space significantly by getting objects and obstacles out of the way. Consult with your building professional for advice on adding efficient storage to your renovation plan.

Sage Builders, LLC can help you evaluate your home and give you expert suggestions on using space wisely to take the best advantage of the existing structure without the expense of a major addition or expansion.

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