A New Home Addition Provides the Perfect Time to Use Green Practices

green home additionIf the new year brings plans for an addition to your Massachusetts home, you have the perfect opportunity to apply green practices to make the new space more energy efficient. With the proper application of green materials and technologies, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, boost indoor air quality, and increase overall comfort while also saving energy and money. Here are a few easy ways you can take advantage of the benefits of a green home addition.

  • Seal adequately: Make sure the new addition is thoroughly sealed to prevent air leaks and loss of energy. Caulk around doors and windows and their frames. Apply weatherstripping to block drafts. Ensure HVAC ductwork is tightly connected at all segments and that connections are sealed with mastic.
  • Use natural lighting: Design the addition to take the best advantage of natural lighting possible. Include skylights, dormers, clerestory windows, and other sources of natural lighting. Control natural lighting with drapes and shades.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances, HVAC equipment, and lighting: Where possible, replace older appliances and heating and cooling equipment with newer high-efficiency models. Replace old-style incandescent light bulbs with newer compact fluorescent  or LED models that use less energy.
  • Install sufficient insulation: Insulation in the walls, floors, and ceilings will prevent heat loss in the winter and the entry of heat in the summer. Make sure there is plenty of insulation in all portions of the new addition. Pay particular attention to attic spaces, which can be a significant source of energy loss.

Sage Builders LLC, a general contractor in Newton, MA, provides expert design/build, renovation, and consulting services for residential construction customers in and around Boston. Contact us today for more information on the benefits of a green home addition and how you can effectively apply green building practices to your new addition or renovation.

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