Insulation and Air Sealing: 2 Tasks to Keep Your Massachusetts Home Comfy Year-Round

An efficient and effective HVAC system is just one component of overall home comfort. To make sure your living spaces stay at the temperature you prefer without excess energy loss or waste of money, it’s necessary to also tend to insulation and air sealing. These two techniques prevent the loss of conditioned air and stop heat flow, which will improve indoor comfort in all seasons.

Insulation and Air Sealing


Proper amounts of insulation keep heat from leaving your home in the winter and getting into your home in the summer. Uninsulated or poorly insulated spaces can be the source of inconsistent heating and cooling, expensive loss of energy, and reduced indoor comfort. Whether using dense packed cellulose insulation or another form such as spray foam, make sure there’s plenty of insulation in areas such as:

  • Walls, especially exterior walls
  • Attics, which will reduce excessive heat buildup in the overhead space
  • Foundations, which can produce hard-to-find heat loss
  • Ceilings, which prevents heat transfer to and from the attic

Air Sealing

Holes, cracks, gaps and other openings in your home’s structure can let substantial amounts of conditioned air out of your home. At the same time, inappropriately hot or cold air can get in. This wastes energy and drives your heating and cooling bills up. Stop these losses by:

  • Adding weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Finding and sealing any openings in the walls, floors, ceilings, foundation or attic
  • Caulking around window and door frames, window glass and other wall penetrations
  • Having an energy audit performed for finding and sealing hidden air leaks

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