Green Building Benefits for Your New Addition

Green building begins before the first nail is driven or concrete is poured. The concept is built into a structure by design, whether it’s a complete home or an addition to an existing house.

Green building means utilizing materials and methods that have positive environmental characteristics and make the most efficient use of available resources.

green building-Boston, Massachusetts
Sage Builders, Newton, Massachusetts

There are green choices to be made throughout the entire process, from designing the structure to choosing the site, then on to construction techniques, operation and maintenance. Future considerations include how a building may be renovated or demolished in an environmentally neutral manner. Sage Builders LLC can help, making recommendations throughout the process that will lead to the best possible outcome.

The design and construction phases of a green addition to a home should be characterized by a reduced amount of emissions, as well as particulates like dust and other allergens. After the work is concluded, the process should culminate in a structure that delivers substantially reduced costs relating to energy, water and heating and cooling.

The benefits of green building can be organized into three classifications:

Environmental – These advantages relate to the preservation of a sustainable environment and protection of limited natural resources. Green building techniques manifest environmental benefits, including:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Conservation of resources
  • Reduction in waste and landfill impact
  • Minimal stress on the ecosystem
  • Water conservation

Economic – Green means reduction in costs relating to energy use and water consumption. Sustainable methods and materials offer these advantages:

  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Improved property values
  • Longer service life
  • Support for an expanded green market

Social – An improved indoor environment inevitably affects the occupants residing there. Typical results from a green addition include:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Supportive psychological dynamics
  • Positive community impact
  • Enhanced aesthetic values

In Boston, Sage Builders LLC specializes in renovations and additions that incorporate sustainable, innovative environmental solutions. Contact us about more ways to integrate green values into your home addition.

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