Smart Technology: How Home Automation Can Lead to Greater Energy Efficiency

smart home technologyIn recent years, technology has evolved to the point where the majority of systems, appliances, and equipment in an entire home can be controlled from a single computer or mobile device. These types of “smart homes” have made it extremely easy for homeowners to enjoy the benefits of technology, including precise operational control that saves energy and money. Smart home technology and energy efficiency are a natural combination in the most technologically advanced homes of today.

Smart homes use specialized equipment, appliances, controllers, and other devices that can be integrated and connected to a single computer system. The computer, in turn, allows homeowners to manually turn devices off and on, change settings, or make other required adjustments. The computerized controller can also be programmed with automatic settings that activate, adjust, or deactivate equipment as needed.

In a smart home, almost any device that supports integration into the computerized system can be controlled. This includes:

  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Kitchen stoves and appliances
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Surveillance and alarm systems
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Televisions, video recorders, and entertainment systems

Smart home technology gives homeowners very precise control over the specific time and duration energy-consuming equipment will operate. This saves significant amounts of energy and reduces expenses. For example, a heating system can be set to run at a lower level during the day when the family is out of the home, but will turn on in time to ensure the home is comfortable before everyone returns for the day.

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