How Massachusetts Residents Can Incorporate Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology uses sophisticated electronic controllers, monitors and related devices to run your heating and cooling system, secure doors and give you a safer and more comfortable place to live. Here’s some smart home technology that you may want to incorporate during construction or home technology

  • Smart thermostats: Smart thermostats give you precise control over when, how long, and at what level your home heating and cooling system operates. They let you program set points that turn HVAC equipment on and off automatically, based on your schedule and needs. They reduce excess operation, providing the amount of indoor heating and cooling you need without wasting energy and money.
  • Smart locks: Smart locks use proximity sensors and other devices to improve home security. They can allow automatic locking and unlocking of doors when residents are away, or provide a temporary electronic “key” that allows friends and families access to the residence. They help monitor who’s at your door, automatically taking photos of visitors and monitoring entrances and exits.
  • Smart monitors: Smart monitors can deploy a suite of alarms, monitors and other detection devices to help keep your home safe and secure. Smart monitors can include alarm systems, motion detectors, sirens, temperature and environmental sensors, and other devices that can detect intruders, smoke, fires or related emergency conditions.
  • Smart controllers: Smart home technology can be integrated, controlled and monitored by applications installed on your smartphone, allowing you to see real-time video taken in your home, current temperatures, HVAC system conditions, alarms and other alert statuses, and other important features.

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