Choosing a Builder for Home Additions or Renovations: Things to Consider

Choosing a builder to renovate your home should be done with care and consideration. Anyone with a toolbox and a cell phone may present themselves as a builder or contractor, particularly in the field of residential remodeling. But a major renovation of your home isn’t the job for a random assortment of Jacks-of-all-trades.

choosing a builder, Newton, Massachusetts
Sage Builders LLC, Boston, Massachusetts

At Sage Builders LLC, we adhere to a design/build strategy that incorporates the diverse phases of a home renovation into a seamless, choreographed process.

No matter who you choose to handle your project, one thing’s for certain — by the time it’s over, you’ll be well acquainted with them. Choosing a builder wisely means there are no surprises in store. Here’s the short version of Contractors 101:

  • Any reputable professional contractor should have an established track record spanning years in the community, plus a permanent business address.
  • Request references and contact each one. Speak with past clients about their personal experience with the contractor and whether they would work with them again. First-hand accounts of their professionalism speak volumes.
  • A contractor in the business to stay will carry workers comp and general liability insurance. If a contractor doesn’t and a worker’s injured on your property, guess who’s liable for medical expenses? You are.
  • Talk to prospective contractors in person. Is the experience positive? Do you feel a rapport and a sense that they share your goals for the project?
  • Beware of low-ball bids. Either the builder won’t be able to pay for quality materials and labor and he’ll go over-budget, or he’ll use cut-rate products and untrained, inexperienced workers. Either way, you’ll end up paying the price.

Sage Builders LLC is the Boston-area source for a comprehensive design/build approach to quality residential remodeling. Contact us and let us fill in the blanks in the process of choosing a builder for your residential project.

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