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What Renewable Energy Options Are Available for Newton MA Homes?

renewable energyAmong the many green construction options available for Newton MA homes, renewable energy is one important piece of an overall approach to reducing energy use and saving money. By using renewable energy sources in your new or existing home, you’ll save money while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of energy production by large utility companies. Here are three of the more common renewable energy options.

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Choose Non-Toxic Building Materials to Create a Human-Friendly Massachusetts Home

The materials you choose for your Massachusetts home can have a significant effect on your health. Many types of construction materials, from plywood to paints, contain chemicals and toxins that can be released into the indoor environment. When these substances enter your home, the indoor air quality is reduced and potentially harmful results can occur. As you plan home construction or a renovation project, look for non-toxic building materials that will make your living spaces more pleasant, comfortable and better for you. (more…)

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How Space Planning Complements Residential Design

When approaching the design of a residential structure, the needs of the occupants are an important consideration. Space planning allows for careful arrangement of interior spaces, such as the placement of furniture, architectural features and design elements, to produce a functional, appealing indoor environment. It lets the designer accommodate residents’ needs while also allowing flexibility for future changes. Space planning and residential design combine to create homes that can comfortably serve their occupants for years. (more…)

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Ice Dams Can Damage Your Home – Prevention Solutions

Ice dams are large accumulations of ice that form between the lower edge of your roof and the gutter. They occur when ice and snow melt and then refreeze at the edges of the roof where surface temperatures are colder. Ice dams prevent melted water from flowing into the gutters and off the roof. They can also allow water to build up behind them, which can lead to overflows and leaks that damage roofs and interior walls, as well as the inside of your building.  (more…)

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