The Drive Towards Sustainable Building Practices:
Jonathan Kantar Of Sage Builders Plays His Part

Posted on January 18th, 2017 by
Sage Builders Jonathan Kantar

Jonathan Kantar, owner of Sage Builders, is known in the Boston area and Newton, the town he resides in, for his extensive knowledge and drive for promoting energy efficient structures; both residential and commercial. In speaking with Jonathan about the Net Zero Housing project that he is currently working on in the Fort Hill section of Roxbury, it became clear that sustainable building is not only a practice, it is a passion. Jonathan seems to question everyday what part he can play to reduce energy consumption and climate change. He takes the adage “think globally, act locally” to heart, as …
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Concrete Floors: Are They Right for Your Home?

Posted on July 16th, 2015 by

Concrete is considered a highly useful construction material, but some homeowners may have reservations when using it for a floor. Concrete floors have some limitations, but they also have many benefits that make them suitable for use in even high-end residential construction applications. Here is some background information on concrete floor installation and why you might want to choose this option: Traditional Entry by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC Concrete is very versatile: Concrete floors can be poured to accommodate almost any physical shape or size. Concrete is durable: The general strength of concrete makes it a good choice …
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Green Kitchen Renovations to Take Advantage of in Your Home

Posted on July 13th, 2015 by

Your kitchen is one of the most energy-intensive areas of your home. Cooking stoves, ovens, appliances, kitchen gadgets, refrigerators, dishwashers–all of these devices consume significant amounts of energy and increase your monthly expenses. Green kitchen renovations can help reduce these expenditures while creating a kitchen environment that is pleasant, effective, and productive. Traditional Kitchen by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC   Use energy-efficient appliances: Where possible, replace your existing kitchen appliances with energy-efficient models. These high-efficiency devices will significantly reduce the amount of energy used while still providing top-quality functionality. Look for Energy Star-certified appliances. Check EnergyGuide labels or …
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Smart Glass Keeps Homes Cooler & Comfortable During the Summer

Posted on June 17th, 2015 by

When a homeowner wants to keep sunlight out of the house, the traditional solution has been to pull the drapes or close the blinds. An amazing new eco-friendly home technology has the potential to eliminate the need for drapes and blinds while providing the ability to keep out almost all sunlight and associated heat. Here is a brief introduction to smart glass and how it can be used in residential settings:   Spaces by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC   What is Smart Glass? Smart glass is a new technology that offers users the ability to make window glass …
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Fiber-Cement Siding: The Greener Choice Over PP & PVC

Posted on June 15th, 2015 by

For residential construction or renovation projects, the ideal choice is often a material that combines toughness and durability with good visual appeal and green characteristics. Fiber-cement siding is an outstanding option that provides all the benefits of eco-friendly home siding with the features that make it a good choice for long-term use. Traditional Exterior by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC   Fiber-Cement Ingredients Fiber-Cement siding is made from just a few materials: Wood pulp Fly Ash or silica sand Cement Water Water is used to dissolve the wood pulp and activate the cement. The wood pulp helps make the …
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Best Energy-Efficient Practices for Zero Net Homes

Posted on June 11th, 2015 by

Zero net energy homes are designed to generate all the energy they need, providing superior monthly cost savings on electrical bills while reducing stress on the local power grid. Here is a brief zero net home checklist that includes some best practices for energy efficiency with this type of home. Contemporary Kitchen by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC Seal it airtight: Create a thorough seal that prevents any air or energy leaks that could reduce the structure’s energy efficiency. Make sure that there are no openings where conditioned indoor air could escape or seasonal outdoor air could get in. …
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Green Homes Grabbing Hold in the Real Estate Market

Posted on June 9th, 2015 by

As more home buyers recognize the benefits of green homes, these energy-efficient structures are becoming more and more popular in the residential real estate market. Green homes and real estate professionals are forging an ongoing partnership that benefits everyone involved in the transaction. Traditional Dining Room by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC Green homes are residential structures that are designed to be highly energy efficient, reducing energy usage and slashing monthly energy costs. They are usually well insulated, well sealed, and outfitted with the most recent high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Green homes often incorporate renewable energy features as …
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Practical, Green Ideas for Renovating the Porch

Posted on June 2nd, 2015 by

A porch renovation gives you the opportunity to revamp this area into a functional green space using sustainable materials and processes. Here are some ideas for renovating outdoor rooms and porches. Contemporary Exterior by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC Use Green Materials: Take advantage of green materials when redoing your porch. Some of the more common choices of sustainable material for a porch renovation include bamboo, cork, wood, and linoleum. Linoleum provides a finish that looks like vinyl. Plastic and plastic-composite lumber provides a strong material that won’t rot or sustain damage from insects like wood. Aluminum is also …
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Passive Cooling Keeps Your Home Cooler for Much Less

Posted on May 27th, 2015 by

Cooling your home with a heat pump or air conditioner is the most familiar way of maintaining home comfort in the summer. However, there are other methods of cooling your home that require less energy and cost less in the long run. Here are some of the passive cooling technology features you can use to reduce cooling costs this year. Traditional Porch by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC Install shading: Shading, such as awnings over windows, can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters you home and, as a result, decrease the amount of cooling you need. Put in …
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From Bamboo to Recycled Glass, There is a Green Countertop for Every Green Home

Posted on May 25th, 2015 by

If you have a kitchen construction or renovation project in your future, consider using green or recycled materials for the countertops. The following recycled countertops and materials can provide a sturdy yet beautiful surface for your kitchen counters while helping sustain the status of your green home. Traditional Kitchen by Boston Design-Build Firms Sage Builders LLC Bamboo: Bamboo, a type of fast-growing grass, is a popular material for kitchen countertops. In addition to being a sustainable and quickly renewable material source, it is also stronger and sturdier than many other sorts of hardwoods. Recycled glass: Recycled glass countertops can be very …
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