Incorporate Universal Design in Bath Lighting for Everyone’s Benefit

Your bathroom is perhaps the most vital room in your home, needed by all occupants no matter what their age. By incorporating effective techniques of universal design, bath lighting improves the safety and functionality of this universally necessary home space.

    • Be mindful of navigation: Lighting can add a decorative touch, but remember the bathroom needs to remain functional as well. Lack of contrast among the fixtures and material will make it difficult to move through the room, especially for users with visual limitations. Eliminate shadows and glare where possible. Design lighting schemes with the needs of users in mind.
Bath Lighting, Universal Design
Traditional Bathroom by Boston General Contractors Sage Builders LLC
  • Include lighting at the vanity: Add wall sconces or external fixtures on each side of the vanity mirror to increase the amount of light in the room. Make sure there are fixtures on both sides to provide a consistent and even amount of light. Light bars are best if your bathroom will have users of differing heights.
  • Put a light in the shower: Additional light in the shower stall will improve safety and usability. Ensure the lighting fixture is appropriate for use in a wet environment and that all necessary safety precautions are taken. Wherever possible, provide generous amounts of natural light in the room.
  • Install accent lighting: Accent lighting will provide visual indications of the edges, corners, and limits of fixtures, shelves, vanities and other objects in the room. Better awareness of the dimensions of these items will make it easier to move through the room and will reduce the chance of injury. For example, a lighted tub skirt will make it clear where the tub sits in space, helping users avoid impacts with feet or legs.

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