5 Luxurious Master Bath Upgrades to Add to Your Massachusetts Home

An upgrade to your master bath can change the space from average to outstanding. Here are five luxurious master bath upgrades that make this room one of the more inviting in your home.

Luxurious Master Bath Upgrades

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  1. Add a sauna: Saunas aren’t just for the gym. A sauna in your master bathroom can provide a place to relax and sweat it out after a workout at home or a particularly hard day. They can also be a warm and enticing space during the colder New England months.
  2. Include a dual shower: A dual shower can take the place of a bathtub in your master bath. Designed with a shower head front and back, this bathing area takes up some extra space, but it ensures a thorough and luxurious shower.
  3. Install a Japanese soaking tub: A Japanese soaking tub is smaller than a regular tub, but it’s big and deep enough for two people to be fully submerged. These bathroom features are useful if you have limited space or want to devote more room to a shower.
  4. Accent and highlight with wood: Wood is an appealing natural material for paneling and highlighting. Wood is available that will resist moisture, mold and problems associated with dampness. In a bathroom, wood provides a warmer and more organic feel than standard tile.
  5. Accentuate your view: If you have a view from your home, install windows that let you enjoy it while soaking in your tub. Don’t forget about privacy, especially if you have neighbors nearby. However, a large window will give you more opportunity to appreciate the view that drew you to your house in the first place.

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