Bathroom Renovations Continue to Be Among the Most Popular Home Improvement Projects

Bathrooms continue to be a frequent target of renovation efforts in American households. Current trends in bathroom renovations indicate that homeowners are considering factors such as aesthetics in combination with practical issues such as remaining in the same home during one’s elder years. Here are some factors that make bathroom renovations among the more common and popular types of home improvement projects.

bathroom renovationAging in Place

Many older homeowners are recognizing the value of being able to stay in their existing homes well into their senior years. For some, it may be an economic issue of not being able to afford a different home. For others, it may be a matter of wanting to stay in the home they’re used to for as long as possible. Renovations to accommodate changes in physical ability and to support aging in place are becoming more common as the population ages.

Environmental Friendliness

Environmental concerns drive some bathroom renovations. Saving energy, conserving natural resources, and trimming energy bills are all valid reasons for renovating a bathroom to be more eco-friendly. Homeowners are adding features such as low-flow fixtures, energy-saving lights and high-efficiency water heaters for further support.

Value Improvement

Some bathroom remodels are being done with an eye toward what they add to the value of a home. The cost of a high-end remodel has increased substantially, but it can add a significant percentage to the value of even a mid-range home.

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