10 Ways a Bathroom Renovation in Your Newton Home Can Go Green

green bathroom renovationA bathroom renovation offers you the perfect opportunity to install energy-saving fixtures and features. Here are 10 ways you or your general contractor can proceed with an effective green bathroom renovation.

  1. Put in low-flow faucets and shower heads: These fixtures reduce the amount of water used by a significant percentage while still providing plenty of water for normal use.
  2. Install water filters at faucets and shower heads: Improve water quality and safety with filters that remove chemicals and other substances.
  3. Put in high-efficiency toilets: Newer low-flush toilets can reduce the amount of water used per flush by 200 percent or more while still providing excellent sanitation.
  4. Install radiant heating: Radiant heating is highly efficient and can provide better comfort, particularly in the bathroom, than forced-air heating.
  5. Insulate plumbing pipes: Make sure all plumbing pipes, especially those coming from the water heater, are properly insulated to prevent heat and energy loss.
  6. Replace the water heater: Install a newer high-efficiency water heater. This might include a tankless model or low-cost water heating connected to your heat pump.
  7. Replace lead plumbing pipes: Any older lead plumbing pipes can be a potential source for lead poisoning. Replace these pipes with copper, steel or plastic.
  8. Remember ventilation: Design your project to allow sufficient ventilation in the bathroom. Proper ventilation improves indoor air quality and removes moisture that could cause mold growth.
  9. Use low-VOC paints, sealers, adhesives and finishes: Choose building materials that don’t contain volatile organic compounds and don’t off-gas potentially harmful fumes.
  10. Install water-resistant flooring and wall coverings: Use floor and wall coverings that don’t absorb water and moisture. Avoid materials such as carpet and wallpaper.

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